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What is Midori?

If you are here, chances are you already know JIRA, Confluence or Bitbucket. Midori is part of the Atlassian ecosystem: we build Atlassian add-ons to make businesses hyper efficient.

We are proud of our success so far, although we’ve just got started.  We succeed because we have a team of exceptional people, and we are looking to add more. There is a ton of work to do!

If you’re a Super-Talented Java Developer, let’s have a coffee (tea, beer) and talk!

Senior Java Developer

You will work on building awesome Atlassian plugins (JIRA, Confluence and Stash primarily) for our terrific customers, like Samsung, Boeing or Intel.

Desired skills / experience

  • You are fluent in Java, and possibly have some experience in Groovy, Python or some other dynamic programming language.
  • You are expert in using web as platform (CSS, Less, modern JS).
  • You are familiar with the current software development tools and trends, like Git, functional programming or Kanban — even if not having first-hand practical experience.
  • You are super efficient in working individually and in team.
  • You are willing to learn and experiment (a lot).

Preferred skills

  • You are familiar with or interested in cloud computing, particularly AWS.

You will grow together with Midori, and you will really enjoy it.

Our vendor profile at Atlassian Marketplace:

Our products and services:

How to apply?

At this stage of the company's life, we have the privilege of focusing on You — not on a formal application process.


  1. send your CV to,
  2. tell us why you are interested,
  3. and leave the rest to us. (We will set up a personal interview or a call.)
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